idahophoenix (idahophoenix) wrote,

My Partner Injured but Ok

I don't want to put this out on my Facebook, as too many people would descend on us. I also should havea trigger warning for dog attack. Stop reading now if you need to. I'm typing on my phone and can't figure out a cut right now.

My beloved wife was attacked by 3 pit bulls today. She is just out of 4 hours of plastic surgery. She's being funny and worrying because going to delay her learning to do archery. She has a bow and arrow on order.

She adores dogs and is devastated. She has part of her chin gone and major injuries on both arms. We are blessed by amazing circle of friends and family. I want to write more here later...I'm ok. And of course neither of us is ok. I don't want to subject everyone to hearing about this, so will create a filter for those willing to read my process and experience. Let me know with a comment.
We are accepting prayers from wiccans, christians, Buddhists, Jews and everyone ! All you lovely atheists, just send a good thought our way.

So grateful that my beautiful Sparrowhawk is alive, but I know we are st the beginning of a long journey.

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