idahophoenix (idahophoenix) wrote,

I am In Love with Adam's Va Jay Jay(s)

Still on a high from last night's concert at Fantasy Springs.  He was ridiculous, hot, silly, insanely talented, did I say ridiculous?, and all around wonderful.  But the real revelation to me is that I can finally say that I'm in love with Adam's Va Jay Jay--finally making my whole lesbian crush on this gay man make sense ;)  The two women who sing with Adam are amazing--I love seeing him singing with them, and I gotta love me some brilliant, fat, gorgeous women.  As a fat woman myself, I've sort of wondered if Adam's self-hatred around his weight extends to feeling that way about other people--but it's clear that he fucking adores these women.  And so do I! 

Have to check out of my hotel right now, but just wanted to Flail! for a minute. Perhaps more later.
Tags: adam lambert, eye candy, girls, i really like it!

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